I help parents and siblings become accustomed to life with a newborn through postpartum doula support. I am concerned with the new mom's recovery from birth and the whole family's adjustment to new roles and responsibilities. I relieve pressure by helping with household organizational tasks. I can prepare meals, care for an older child, or simply hold the baby so parents can rest or shower. Sometimes what is most needed is help managing the visits of friends and family so new parents are neither overwhelmed by nor lacking in company. I love helping a family find peace in their home among the challenges of early parenthood.

I help to nurture and encourage the development of a healthy and happy family by:

  • facilitating rest and self-care so you are able to care for your baby with pleasure and clarity of mind
  • establishing and maintaining organization and cleanliness in your home
  • preparing meals for you and your family with an emphasis on ideal postpartum nutrition
  • supporting your feeding choices with knowledge of and experience with breast and bottle
  • sharing techniques for comforting your newborn
  • helping you cope with challenging emotions of early parenthood; educating about, screening and referring for perinatal mood and anxiety disorders
  • providing resources in areas of need such as lactation consultants, support groups, therapists, pet care, cleaning services or childcare
  • counseling and supporting your return to work and other responsibilities

Please contact me for my rate and availability. I am happy to discuss sliding scale options for families in need.